Our benefits

Extra benefits for our colleagues

Our benefits

din offers you more than just a place to work. Whether it’s our comprehensive onboarding programme, our vitality bar or our fun corner – the benefits always stack up.

We believe: every job needs that little bit extra. The same is not worth the same for everyone and that’s why we have many different benefits. The important thing for us is that you get the added value that is right for you. Which of these makes you light up?

Our benefits for you

It’s important to us that you feel good and enjoy contributing to our joint success.

Working retreat

What do you do if you only focus on one subject or want to take in new perspectives? We make it possible to get different perspectives in a different branch and to focus solely on one thought.

Buddy programme

We don’t want to throw our new colleagues into the deep end. Your start into our daily working life is supported mainly by buddies. They are there to answer all questions and make your arrival easier.

Movement and exercise

We’ll keep you fit for the job! Whether it’s running events like the Wings for Life Run or squash and tennis tournaments, we’ll encourage you to participate in joint sporting events.

Work from home

All colleagues have the option of working from home on a daily basis. Both our equipment and our way of working are designed for this.

Healthy snacks

A vitamin kick in between can’t hurt, right? That’s what we think too. There is therefore fresh fruit in all branches. Furthermore, we have our own vitality bar in Linz with various types of muesli and milk.

Eat lunch together

We enjoy spending our lunch break together. In Linz, we enjoy a free warm lunch once per week (two menus to choose from, one of which is vegetarian). Enjoy! ;-)


Freshly-ground coffee, various teas and mineral water are available for our colleagues free of charge.

Power nap room

Treat yourself to some peace and quiet! Sometimes, you just have to charge your batteries. In our power nap room, you have the chance to leave the world behind for 20 minutes and to just concentrate on yourself.

Fun corner

How do you think about other things? We’ll always give you the chance to play a table football or darts match, to chat to other dinERS on the balcony or to start a barbecue.

Ergonomic equipment

Sitting on an office stool all day does not necessarily do your body good. With our height-adjustable desks and treadmills (walking desks), you can move over the course of the day but still work without problems.

Meeting rooms

We even bring variety into day-to-day meetings! From the classic meeting setting to the lounge-style meeting room , or even standing stools, we’ve got it all. Find the right environment for your meeting.

Training and further training

Training and further development are important parts of our din life. Our training catalogue contains many options for technical, methodical or linguistic training. We’ll also be happy to discuss your individual wishes!

Business coaching

Business coaching is another form of further development. The coaching method uses future-, resource- and solution-oriented methods and makes you more capable.

Good location and parking

Worried about finding a parking space? You don’t have to with us. All of our locations have several private, free parking spaces. Our head office in Linz is right at Baintwiese, the last stop of bus route 41 and is therefore also easy to get to by public transport.


All of our company offices are accessible.

Employee events

We allow you to party! Whether it’s at company events, the monthly information round table or joint activities, these parts of our culture are lived out every day.

A comprehensive training phase lays the foundation for long-term satisfaction.

Onboarding with us

Your start at our company is made much easier by our detailed training plan. All new colleagues are not only given an impression of their own area of responsibility, but also of other departments. This ensures that the new dinIANS get a better understanding of all processes and the best possible view of the big picture. It’s very important to us to promote open communication and cooperation between all colleagues.

To ensure that nobody is thrown into the deep end, all new colleagues receive their own buddies who are there to help with all questions about daily life at din. Furthermore, our open-hearted culture immediately makes all new colleagues feel welcome. Onboarding starts on the first day when you walk through our door and transitions to a mentality of continuous development.

“The average gives the world its existence, the unusual its value”

Oscar Wilde

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