Über Notlicht | 10. April 2018

Full commitment for your safety

Testing the emergency lighting system starts already with installation and commissioning and runs like a green thread through the entire lifetime of an emergency lighting system. But why already during maintenance? There is no such thing as a 100% plannable construction project –changes occur during the construction phase that can also have an impact on the emergency lighting concept. This is why the first inspection is so important right from the initial commissioning.

As the building operator it is your responsibility to arrange the other regular checks of the entire emergency lighting system required by law, in order to guarantee flawless functionality at all times.

For the installation and maintenance of emergency lighting systems, there are not only one but several norms that must be observed.  These regulations also stipulate their annual maintenance and permanent operational readiness.

Maintenance of emergency lighting is more than just an obligation

As complex as these regulations sound, they are important for safety. Our professional maintenance ensures the functionality and availability of your system for years to come.  The lifespan of the system and the batteries is increased, possible complications are detected ahead of time and repaired prophylactically by our service staff.

Unfortunately, many emergency lighting systems aren’t checked regularly after installation – the batteries aren‘t functioning anymore and therefore the systems aren’t ready for operation. In an emergency this can have tragic consequences. That’s why we promise you a 50.000 hours full warranty, without any asterisk, with regular maintenance of our din products.

We are proud to be able to provide you with qualified professionals throughout Austria, Italy and Slovenia in order to go through the life cycle of the emergency lighting system together with you.

Maintenance of emergency lighting is more than just an obligation
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