Über Notlicht | 03. February 2015

Large fire in high-rise building in olympic village Innsbruck

Whenever a high-rise building with 11 floors and 70 apartments with about 260 residents is burning, we have a real emergency and every step, every detail counts. How properly mandatory maintained emergency lighting plays its part is illustrated by the fire in the high-rise building.

After the onset of fire at 21:58 200 firefighters had to face the challenge on July 20th 2014 to evacuate people out of the high-rise building, extinguish the fire and bring the liquid gas bottles stored under the roof with 33 kg in safety through the staircase.

Federal fire department inspector DI Gruber emphasized gratefully what seems to be obvious for everybody: the fire fighting and evacuation all night long wouldn’t have been that smooth without emergency lighting. Due to extinguishing water supplies and passing firefighters running up and down conditions were even more difficult. This makes appropriate light conditions for firemen even more important.

Emergency lighting for rescue teams

Many aren’t aware that during a large fire a building is always disconnected from electric power supply and that emergency lighting is essential for the rescue teams.

By continuously renewing the fire protection measures in the high-rise buildings of the Innsbruck Immobilien Gesellschaft built in the 1960s and 1976s, enough light could be provided for the rescuers until the early morning (over 7 hours) even without electricity.

Thanks to the yearly maintenance agreement with din-Sicherheitstechnik the Innsbrucker Immobilien Gesellschaft can be totally sure that the installation is functioning according to ÖVE E8002 and that they stay on the safe side legally.

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