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“Tradition is not the worship of ashes, but the transmission of fire.“

Jean Jaurès

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64 years old

is our oldest employee. We value the experience and routine.

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Everyone is provided with a school enrolment plan and a sponsor to help them get there.

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Possibility for development

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“An investment in knowledge pays the best interest.“

Benjamin Franklin

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5 countries, 9 languages

We’re represented in Austria, Italy, Slovenia, and Germany, our data sheets are prepared in 9 languages.

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Over 250 employees

din-Sicherheitstechnik has over 250 employees and several sites in Austria, Italy, Slovenia and Germany.

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Promote interests, building on strengths

Passion must be encouraged, which is why training and further education are important for us.

18 years old

is our youngest employee. He supports our research and development department so that there would be no shortage of new, innovative ideas for the future.

368 kg coffee

We drink 368 kg coffee per year. Our customers and employees appreciate the caffeinated treat.

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Full commitment for your safety

20. May 2019

Full commitment for your safety

Testing the emergency lighting system starts already with installation and commissioning and runs like a green thread through the entire lifetime of an emergency l... Read More

Lighting technology in the emergency lighting sector

Lighting technology: for us this means efficient use of resources, directing light “correctly“ and reach an optimised light yield.

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+25 employees

an average of 25 employees have been hired by us in recent years.

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