For din and CEAG-emergency lighting systems in Austria

Your expert on site

How an emergency lighting system has to be maintained and repaired is regulated by law. We are more than happy to support you with this responsibility and help you concentrate on the essentials.

For 30 years we have concentrated exclusively on emergency lighting and are the right partner for the following emergency lighting systems:

  • CG 2000
  • CG 48
  • CG Vision
  • Euro ZB
  • Euro ZB.1
  • GVL 24
  • CVL 24.1
  • US 96
  • US-S
  • ZB 96
  • ZB-S
  • ZVL 110
  • ZVL 220
  • ZVL 24/220
  • ZB-S
  • ZB-S E30

Of course we’re also available on-site for you on weekends and holidays. Safety knows no maximum.

Do you have any questions, a malfunction or maintenance for your emergency lighting device? We will of course take care of your CEAG emergency lighting system.

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