Project of superlatives. Work period: 2005 – 2011

Airport Vienna Schwechat - Terminal 3

The new terminal at Vienna Airport brings advantages for all passengers: good links with the public transport system, shorter check-in times and better orientation thanks to an elaborate, barrier-free accessible escape routing concept. The din-Sicherheitstechnik company has contributed in the matter of security lighting: the guidance system at ground-level with floor luminaires of the FLOOR-luminaire range and “invisible” escape sign luminaires are an excerpt from it – din-Sicherheitstechnik has installed a total of 12.000 light spots.

Other features of the project include special versions of emergency and safety lighting due to structural and practical conditions. In the area of the newly constructed airport train station for example the whole emergency lighting system was adapted to the extreme pressure and suction requirements.

A sophisticated emergency lighting concept

82 emergency lighting systems monitor the 270 m long construction in form of a crescent, which was opened in 2012. Whether on the commercial and the gastronomy spaces, the check-in counter or the visitor’s terrace – a solution has been found everywhere, so you can travel with a secure feeling.

Project details

Constructor: Flughafen Wien AG
Architect: Vorarlberg office Baumschlager Eberle and the Swiss office IttenBrechbühl
Planner: Freudensprung Engineering, (in Sub or ARGE) with Cologne light planner Kress & Adams
Electrician: Kremsmüller Industrieanlagenbau KG U
Used products: CONCEPT, floor light FLOOR, enabLED line, EYE, special model

Photo credit: Werner Huthmacher Photography
Photo credit: Werner Huthmacher Photography
din-Sicherheitstechnik - Referenzen - Airport Wien Schwechat – Terminal 3 - 1
din-Sicherheitstechnik - Referenzen - Airport Wien Schwechat – Terminal 3 - 2

Luminaires with adaptive flash function

Studies have shown that escape signs with flashlight direct the perception to escape routes and that the decision for the right escape route is made much more quickly.

Low-location escape sign luminaire

Standards and guidelines point out that in buildings with increased risk an additional low-location guidance system can be required by authorities.

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