An investment for the future.

Retrofit and retool security lighting of existing tunnel

Save 60-80% on energy and maintenance costs by converting to LED compared to conventional fluorescent tubes. The use of the latest LED-technology optimises the illumination of escape routes while at the same time minimising glare. We will be happy to advice you on your possibilities for specific projects.

Tube BK

Tube BK

Illumination of niches

TUBE BK Retrofit

TUBE BK Retrofit

Handrail-luminaire replacement

Excerpt from our references

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St. Jakob im Rosental, Carinthia - Austria / Jesenice - Slovenia


In 2021, the Karawanken Tunnel with its 7,976m length was completely renovated and equipped with the LED handrail in accordance with the new ÖBB regulations with individual light monitoring. This can be monitored on a country-specific basis and thus meets the required safety standards.

Gaishorn am See, Styria, Austria


The Sonnberg tunnel with a length of 544m is located on the Rudolfsbahn and is part of the north-south connection from St. Valentin to Villach. In order to comply with the current ÖBB regulations, the handrail was retrofitted with orientation lighting. The lateral edge path in the tunnel is thus illuminated with the required illuminance.

Tyrol, Austria

Telfs fire department training tunnel

A 100 m long handrail with orientation lighting in accordance with ÖBB TLB now illuminates the rescue route in the training tunnel of the Tyrol State Fire Brigade School. This enables firefighters to train in the railroad tunnel under realistic lighting conditions.

Vienna, Austria

Lainztunnel - HDD switch hall

The lighting in the existing handrail of the Hütteldorf switch hall, a section of the Lainz tunnel in Vienna, could no longer meet the technical lighting values and is now being retrofitted in sections with LED replacement lighting from din-Anlagentechnik in a resource-saving manner. This will ensure that the illumination of the two peripheral routes once again complies with the regulations.

Salzburg, Austria


The almost 1,000m-long Ofenau Tunnel on the Salzburg – Tiroler Bahn was renovated in 2019 in the area of the illuminated handrail in order to meet the required lighting values.

Vienna, Austria


The 812m-long Breitenseertunnel is part of the suburban line in Vienna. The energy technology equipment was replaced in summer 2019.
This also included the removal of the existing handrail and the existing tunnel lighting.

The illuminated LED handrail including niche lighting from din-Anlagentechnik was installed in its place.

Tyrol, Austria


In 2019, both the handrail with orientation lighting and the niche lighting in the Leidegg tunnel in Tyrol were renewed in accordance with standards. The Leidegg Tunnel has two tracks and a total length of 327 meters.

Altmünster, Upper Austria


In the Sonnsteintunnel of the Salzkammergutbahn in 2010, we equipped the escape and rescue tunnel with an illuminated handrail with orientation lighting in accordance with ÖBB regulations. The tunnel in the sandstone hewn by  mining posed special requirements to the wall fastening, some of which had large wall clearings.

St. Pölten, Austria

Rekawinklertunnel & Dürrebergtunnel

In the course of the general renovation by ÖBB in 2016/2017, we were allowed to equip two visually appealing tunnels with historic sandstone portals with a new handrail with orientation lighting – Rekawinkler Tunnel 308m, Kleiner Dürrebergtunnel 248m.

Vienna, Austria


Directly below the Türkenschanzpark, in the 18th district of Vienna, we renewed the handrail with orientation lighting in the Große Türkenschanztunnel 705m in 2017 in the course of the general renovation by ÖBB.

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