The power of light

About emergency lighting | 13. July 2017

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Light has fascinated people since primeval times. Light creates atmosphere, moods and can completely change a room.  Art and architecture have been utilizing this phenomenon for a long time. The influence of light on human beings has been scientifically proven.

The powerful use of light has also become indispensable in the hotel and gastronomy sector.  The right illumination with artificial light has a significant influence on the well-being and satisfaction of the guests. This effect can only be obtained with a lighting concept that is well adapted to the furnishing.

The power of light

Of course, a permanently illuminated building facade or a corridor permanently illuminated by indirect light also consumes energy.

In order to keep energy consumption still as low as possible, we use emergency and safety lighting at our locations to deliberately create colourful lighting accents.

Think also beyond the safety-relevant aspects of an emergency lighting system and use the already existing LED-light as basic, night or low consumption lighting.

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