Extra benefits for our colleagues

Our benefits

din offers you more than just a place to work. Whether it’s our comprehensive onboarding programme, our vitality bar or our fun corner – the benefits always stack up.

We believe: every job needs that little bit extra. The same is not worth the same for everyone and that’s why we have many different benefits. The important thing for us is that you get the added value that is right for you. Which of these makes you light up?

A comprehensive training phase lays the foundation for long-term satisfaction.

Onboarding with us

Your start at our company is made much easier by our detailed training plan. All new colleagues are not only given an impression of their own area of responsibility, but also of other departments. This ensures that the new dinIANS get a better understanding of all processes and the best possible view of the big picture. It’s very important to us to promote open communication and cooperation between all colleagues.

To ensure that nobody is thrown into the deep end, all new colleagues receive their own buddies who are there to help with all questions about daily life at din. Furthermore, our open-hearted culture immediately makes all new colleagues feel welcome. Onboarding starts on the first day when you walk through our door and transitions to a mentality of continuous development.

“The average gives the world its existence, the unusual its value”

Oscar Wilde

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More about us as an employer

Haven’t you heard much about din-Sicherheitstechnik and you’d like to know what we’re all about?

We would describe ourselves with the following words: innovative, family-owned and especially with a passion for emergency lighting for more than 30 years. But the best thing is to see for yourself!

What we’re all about

How to become an emergency lighting expert

If you decide to rearrange your future, of course many questions naturally arise. We’ve got the answers and of course, helpful tips for how you can impress us!

Let your light shine!

Information about applications

What makes you light up?

Tell us your passion and become an emergency lighting expert!

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