Energieeffizienzgesetz (EEffG)

Regulations | 21. July 2017

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The aim of the Federal Energy Efficiency Act is to improve energy efficiency. The goal is to improve energy efficiency by 20% between 2015 and 2020. In addition, the security of supply should be improved, positive impulses for the economy should be provided and 6,400 new jobs in the “energy efficiency“ sector created as a result of the higher gross domestic product. The reason for this law is the implementation of the Energy Efficiency Directive 2012/27/EU and the achievement of the three targets set by the legislation of the Union, the so-called „20-20-20 targets“:

  • 20 % less greenhouse gas emissions than in 1990
  • 20 % share of renewable energies
  • 20 % more energy efficiency

Energieeffizienzgesetz (EEffG)

These laws have consequences not only for energy suppliers, but also for companies: they’re obliged to establish concrete measures to reduce their electricity consumption – whether through a regular on-site energy counseling or the introduction of an energy management system in accordance with ISO 50001.

More energy efficiency means higher competitiveness. The possiblities to save energy are almost unlimited. That way everyone can contribute a part to reduce our ecological footprints.

Did you know that by using LED-technology, depending on the project, you can reduce up to 80% energy costs?


din offers exchange kits for all luminaire series in order to ensure a simple and fast replacement to LED. With the CONCEPT 2-LED replacement set, for example, you can upgrade your 8W emergency lighting to LED emergency lighting in just 12 seconds per luminaire without tools. The economic and ecological advantages are obvious.

  • Save up to  80% of your energy costs by using LED instead of conventional fluorescent lamps.
  • The lamp exchange is only necessary once in 10 years, instead of once a year – you already save energy just by the travel costs.
  • The dimensions of the luminaire remain the same, consequently you also save resources in assembly, paint and filling works.
  • Reach 10 times the service life, we guarantee an additional 50.000 hours on each luminaire.
  • With our replacement sets not only the lamp is exchanged, but also the electronics. With this combination we continue to guarantee a uniform, standard-compliant illumination.
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