High-rise fire in London causes fierce debates

About din | 22. July 2017

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After the fire disaster in a London skyscraper in the night of Wednesday 14 June, fire protection in housing is now also being discussed in Austria.

The fire in the Grenfell-Tower in North Kensington, which killed several people, is a wake-up call for many. A high-rise fire cannot be foreclosed in Austria either. According to the Austrian Fire Protection Forum, „180 high-rise buildings in Styria alone are in a condition that doesn’t correspond to the latest state of technology”.


High-rise fire in London causes fierce debates

While fire protection is certainly provided in new buildings thanks to fire protection regulations, there is still a remaining risk for old houses that have not been renovated yet.

For 10 years owners have no longer been obliged to upgrade their old high-rise buildings with fire protection technology. We would be pleased to inform you about the possibility to make your building safe in the matter of emergency lighting in order to be well prepared for a fire.

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