Status of the emergency lighting system

About emergency lighting | 19. September 2017

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In order to know the status of the emergency lighting system, you need a tour of inspection by trained personnel.

Many people suspect, that the status of an emergency lighting can only be determined by a control visit by a trained staff.  But for most emergency lighting systems this assumption has already become obsolete. The emergency lighting system is also “smart” and suitable for today’s work and information culture.

Most installed emergency lighting systems are designed as a central or group battery solution. Those automatically test in accordance with the legislative requirements.

Status of the emergency lighting system

The status can be visualized with one software for several systems or several buildings. This means that you’re informed via your standard PC, the tablet or via e-mail on the cell-phone whether your emergency lighting system is ready for operation, in battery operation or has a malfunction.

We would be pleased to inform you about our visualization software, with which you can be informed about your emergency lighting system at any time and any place.

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