Blackouts – unimaginable in Austria?

About emergency lighting | 17. October 2017

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Blackouts are total, large-scale power failures – nothing works anymore, computers,trains, subways and elevators are paralysed.  And that for hours or days. Unimaginable in Austria? Blackouts can also happen in Austria at any time, the question is not if, but when…

The reason for a blackout is not the lack of available energy, but a grid breakdown or an imbalance between generation and consumption in the electricity grid.  But how does this imbalance arise? Since renewable energies depend on the current weather situation, a corrispondingly high or low amount of electricity is produced. This results in fluctuations.

This imbalance can also be triggered outside Austria. The Austrian electricity supply is not independent, but integrated into the continental European UTCE net. The APG (Austrian Power Grid) coordinates electricity supply in Austria.

Blackouts – unimaginable in Austria?

A challenge that is becoming increasingly complex. Besides those fluctuations, natural disasters, cyber attacks or technical causes can also lead to a blackout.

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A blackout in Austria is a quite realistic scenario – but one for which you can prepare well. We will be happy to advice you on your possibilities for safe escape route lighting.

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