Construction of new passenger-terminal

Airport Maribor, Slovenia

The airport in Maribor is the second largest airport of Slovenia and therefore of particular significance for the whole region. A special highlight of the building is the model of the EDA-1, an airplane mounted in the terminal. The EDA-1 was developed by Slovenian aviation pioneer Edvard Rusjan and perfectly flew a couple of meters on the 25th of November 1905.

In 2012 a new passenger-terminal was opened which brought many benefits for the passengers:

  • Good connections with public transportation
  • short check-in times
  • improved orientation thanks to the ambitious
    illumination system of the escape routes
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It is a great feeling to be able to participate in such a beautiful project and contribute more to the safety of passengers and employees.

Service technician Slovenia

Variety of escape signs & emergency luminaires

The 8.500m² inner surface of the terminal require a large number of emergency signs and luminaires, a good consulting and a reliable service. But the aim was not only to comply with the legal regulations, but also to pay attention to energy efficiency.

For this reason din-Sicherheitstechnik installed an energy efficient din-LED-emergency lighting, that adapts to the interior design and guarantees the safety for 25.000 passengers per year.

Project details

Architect: Komunaprojekt d.o.o.
Principal: Ministerstvo za promet RS
Designer: Enerko d.o.o., g. Ivan Stepišnik inž.el
Installer: Prelog d.o.o.
Building type: Transport facilities
Product family: CONCEPT 2, BASIC 2

Some of the products we used

Lights diversity for every requirement.

Our functional luminaire series


With our functional luminaire portfolio of the BASIC 2 series, your project can be implemented easily and flexibly. The luminaire series is available for all our emergency lighting systems and with our usual 50,000 h/ 5,7 year din full warranty .

Quick mounting & flexible use


“Simply safe” meets the requirement of many operators, while installers demand a product that is “safely simple” and does not allow any installation errors. The CONCEPT 2 is an easy-to-install allrounder luminaire series that meets these requirements and saves time where time is scarce.

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