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Safety and well-being at the highest level

Hahnenkamm Lodge, Kitzbühel

Only 50m from the start of the legendary Hahnenkamm-Race lies the idyllic and comfortable Lodge, which blends harmoniously into the Kitzbühel mountains. Luxurious suites, excellent food and the view of the stunning mountains attract visitors from all over the world to this unique area. The luminaire series STRING adapts into the natural and modern architecture and surrounds the exclusivity of this retreat. Disturbing electronics and bulky luminaire housings are history. The luminous disc with the subtly surrounding glass frame leaves nothing to be desired. In emergency situations, the escape sign with integrated safety lighting not only helps to find the exit, but also illuminates the way there.

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For undisturbed moments – dim light

When it gets dark outside and you want to fully enjoy the natural paradise, the emergency lighting can be dimmed so it does not disturb the quiet moment of the guests.

The Hahnenkamm-Lodge is probably one of the safest and most beautiful locations to experience one of the most legendary, most dangerous ski races in the World Cup.

Project details

Principal: Hochecklodge Kitzbühel
Designer: Exenberger Elektro-Technik GmbH
Installer: Exenberger Elektro-Technik GmbH
Building type: Accommodation facilities / student dormitories, Restaurants
Product family: CONCEPT 2

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Some of the products we used

Lights diversity for every requirement.

Quick mounting & flexible use


“Simply safe” meets the requirement of many operators, while installers demand a product that is “safely simple” and does not allow any installation errors. The CONCEPT 2 is an easy-to-install allrounder luminaire series that meets these requirements and saves time where time is scarce.

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