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Justice Center Eisenstadt

The Justice Centre in Eisenstadt is the only penitentiary institution in Burgenland and was extended and rebuilt in 2016. The particular challenge of this large project (investment of over 60 million euros) was the reconstruction work during operation.

The extension of the Justice Center enlarges the existing court and prison and provides space for additional functions. A new building was constructed with offices, archive rooms, courtrooms and a central main entrance with security check. The annex includes, with the exception of a few detention places, administration, training rooms, a gymnastics room, workshops and a kitchen.

The façade of the building consists of an interplay of glazed and opaque surfaces, daylight flows through the glass roof and turns the central area of the Justice Centre into an open, bright and friendly place.

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Focus on energy efficiency

The aim of the renovation and new building of the justice center was to achieve the quality standards with regard to a low energy house. The security technology, the illumination concept and the emergency lighting comply with the latest technical standards. The modern LED-emergency lighting is not only resource-saving during operation, din-Sicherheitstechnik also guarantees a service life of at least 50,000 h for the entire luminaire series.

Project details

Architect: YF architekten
Principal: BIG Bundesimmobiliengesellschaft m.b.H.
Designer: pgg blueberg control GmbH
Installer: Ing. Franz Jahn Gesellschaft m.b.H.
Building type: Special buildings (prisons)
Product family: BASIC 2, STRING-Series

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With our functional luminaire portfolio of the BASIC 2 series, your project can be implemented easily and flexibly. The luminaire series is available for all our emergency lighting systems and with our usual 50,000 h/ 5,7 year din full warranty .



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