Increase attention with flashing light

Adaptive flash function

Illuminated signs and flashing lights in bright surroundings attract attention and distract from the escape route. Escape sign luminaires with flashing function speed up the finding of escape routes in the event of evacuation by 44%*, both in the event of stimulus flooding and in the event of heavy smoke development.

Studies have shown that escape signs with flashing lights direct people’s perception to escape routes and help them choose the right escape route much more quickly. Choosing the right escape route takes 44 % longer without an additional flash than with one.

Source: Fire Safety Engineering Group, 2014/2017

Technical documentation

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FSU functions

FSU escape signs direct perception specifically to the correct escape routes. Would you like to know which different solutions can be realised with our FSU luminaires?

FSU "on board"

With the decentralised SU NET group battery system, you are perfectly equipped, without additional effort, to switch between individual escape route scenarios. Discover the other benefits of a decentralised power supply for your project.


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