Decentralised group battery system 24 V LPS


The Supply Unit with NET functionality is a compact and decentralised supply unit (LPS = Low Power System) that powers and monitors all luminaires by fire section and that is checked on a regular basis for compliance with legislative requirements.

Reduce your set-up costs, your energy consumption and increase the general safety level with decentralised supply of your emergency lighting system.


Installation in each separate fire zone reduces the need for elaborate and costly E30 wiring and also the costs for dedicated electrical distribution rooms.


In the event of external factors (fire, water, etc.) causing the failure of an SU NET system, only the emergency lighting in that specific fire zone fails. The decentralised supply prevents a complete system failure, increasing the general level of safety.


When extending a building it is an easy proposition to provide it with emergency lighting by installing another SU NET system. The Net functionality ensures that all systems can be controlled, operated and serviced centrally.

A decentralised concept allows for greater freedom

Decentralised emergency lighting systems increase safety in buildings by assuring a continuous power supply to the emergency lighting of individual sections of the building. Would you like to find out which advantages our decentralised SU NET systems deliver to your emergency lighting project?

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Versatile with decentralised supply

Smaller buildings often only comprise one fire zone. If this is the case, with decentralised supply (LPS) for your emergency lighting, you only need a single SU NET group battery system for the entire building.

Do you have several fire zones in your building and do you need to supply your emergency lighting accordingly? No problem! With the decentralised supply to individual fire zones (LPS) delivered by SU NET systems you can enjoy all of the advantages of a decentralised group battery system.

With an additional fire-resistant housing you can supply several fire zones with just one system. In the event of a fire, this supply right across fire zones delivered by a system with assured functional integrity (LPS) also assures functionality over a period of at least 30 minutes.

End-to-end supply End-to-end supply
Supply to individual fire zones Supply to individual fire zones
Supply to individual fire zones Supply to individual fire zones

Did you already know that we also offer LiFePO4 battery technology for our SU systems? This technology, as well as providing better temperature compatibilityalso delivers other benefits such as high cycle stability, no gassing and low self-discharge.In addition, LiFePO4 battery technology can also be integrated in existing SU NET systems.This enables us to guarantee our full din warranty for 50,000 hrs / 5.7 years for a temperature range of between +10°C and +35°C.

Technical data

A compact group battery system that supplies your emergency lighting to individual fire zones.

 Technical data


Exchange of safety-related requirements (fires, power failures etc.) between other SU systems and SC NET CMR controllers.

FSU ‘on board’

Also available with FSU function or as an E30 variant


Switchability and dimmability of each individual luminaire delivered by the emergency lighting system.

33 %

With compact supply units, the associated set-up costs can be reduced up to 33% and energy consumption can be reduced by approx. 64%.

Practical software solutions for everyday life


With NET-functionality, all systems in the SU system network are controlled centrally. If the status of systems changes, all updated error messages are displayed directly in the respective display software. Quite simply, you can keep a close eye on your emergency lighting system – regardless of where you are at the time.

This enables you to assure proper operation, and you can react immediately to any changes in status.

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The solution for enhanced functional integrity in the event of a fire

When fires occur, emergency lighting systems need to be more resistant than all other facilities in the building. In the event of a fire, the specially developed and independently tested and  certified E30 solutions assure the function of technical safety systems for a period of at least 30 minutes.

The SU ESF30 provides a cost-effective and space-saving alternative to the space otherwise required for technical fire protection measures.

Can be located anywhere

The SU ESF30 system is totally fire-resistant and 3 different mounting variants are possible. As a result, there is no need for a solid wall and the system can be located almost anywhere within a given space.

1-person installation

Since the SU ESF30 can be dismantled practically into two sections, installation is a 1-person job. This saves time when compared to big central battery systems that require several people. Also, those systems are much heavier.


Testing includes the E-30 housing as well as the LiFePO4 battery technology. This assures the required level of functionality for a period of 30 minutes in the event of a fire.

Technical documentation

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Would you like to switch between individual escape route scenarios?

The New Emergency Lighting reacts ‘situatively’ to changes in escape route which enables you to increase the general level of safety in your building. To achieve this, the FSU portfolio extends from simple floor-level systems to highly dynamic escape route guidance systems with additional acoustic support.

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