Robust emergency lighting for industry


This robust luminaire series is characterised by high IK impact resistance ratings as well as high IP protection classes and is therefore suitable for demanding environmental conditions. Thanks to our development know-how and our environmental simulation centre, where the most diverse stresses are rigorously tested in advance, we also give our 50,000h/5.7-year din full warranty on the INDUSTRY without hesitation.

Challenges for emergency lighting

Discover which features make the INDUSTRY luminaire series so robust.

 Challenges for emergency lighting

High safety

Solutions with D-marking, as Ex-variant or with additional protective coating of electronic components

High degree of protection

IP protection up to IP68 for highest tightness against dust and humidity

High impact resistance

Solutions also up to IK10 - one of the highest stress classifications according to EN 50102

How do we know that our INDUSTRY luminaires are so robust?

We test our them in our own environmental simulation competence centre for impact protection (IK shock resistance), protection against moisture (IP protection) and extreme temperatures. This means that we can guarantee that they will also withstand these increased requirements – we are happy to pass this security on to you with our 50,000/5.7 year din full guarantee.

Product comparison

The three INDUSTRY variants X32, E35 and RL80 in direct comparison.




Protection type
IP42 / IP65 with accessories
IP66 and IP68 up to submersion depth 1.2 m
Impact resistance level
IK07 / IK09 with accessories
Polycarbonate, flame-retardant, UV-stabilized
Stainless steel V4A with PMMA washer or ESG single-pane safety glass
Polycarbonate, sealing cap out of Aquamid 66G30
Viewing distance
D marking
yes (with accessories)
Available as Ex version

D marking

Luminaires for areas with increased fire risk must have a limited surface temperature and resulting D marking according to OVE/ÖNORM EN 60598-2-24 in accordance with OVE E8101, part 4-42, point 422.3.

We also have solutions with a D marking for these applications.

Versatile luminaire series also available as FSU and Ex version


The INDUSTRY X32 is our latest luminaire series for industrial applications. It is not only available in various monitoring types and mounting variants, but also in FSU and explosion-proof versions (zone 2/22).

The high-intensity emergency luminaire portfolio makes this luminaire series particularly suitable for areas with a high installation height. Above all, the STS emergency luminaire is the ideal solution for workplaces with special hazards that must be illuminated to at least 15 lux according to EN 1838.

Robust luminaire with pressure equalisation element as standard


The high-quality housing made of V4A stainless steel makes this luminaire robust and of high quality. The pressure compensation element protects the luminaire in areas with high humidity and prevents moisture from condensing inside the luminaire.

In addition, the INDUSTRY E35 has a D marking, making it suitable for areas with a special fire risk in accordance with OVE E 8101 point 422.3.

Tubular luminaire with high IK impact resistance


The high protection class (IP 66 and IP68 up to an submersion depth of 1.2m) and one of the highest impact resistance grades (IK 10) characterise this robust luminaire which is available as an escape sign and emergency luminaire.

Environments with high requirements for mechanical resilience as well as areas where there is high humidity can be covered by this luminaire.

Be inspired by the application examples of our INDUSTRY luminaire.

Discover more solutions for the industrial sector

Technical documentation

Have you found the right solution? Here you will find technical data on it.

Want to cover several escape route scenarios?

No problem! For more difficult environmental conditions, the INDUSTRY FSU and the INDUSTRY X32 FSU are available with our FSU technology (escape route scenario switching).

FSU luminaires adapt to your defined evacuation scenarios – for example, they can be used to mark an escape route as blocked if a fire is detected in it by a fire detector. This way, you increase the security in your building and even save lives in the event of an emergency.

The new emergency lighting


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