Several illumination variants


With our spot emergency luminaires, the light is where you need it: whether longitudinal escape route illumination or wide-area anti-panic illumination. Of course, the portfolio with IP65 is also available for outdoor use. Discover how you can use our spots.

Increased protection class

Optionally available in IP65 for outdoor use or with IK10 protective cover for sports halls

Targeted illumination

One ceiling cut-out, 5 beam patterns

Your colour preference

Special colours for your harmonious overall concept

How many emergency luminaires do you need for a 40m escape route?

Few luminaires - big impact

The combination of one eco spot SL and two STRING 2 escape signs of size 2 with light emission is sufficient in this instance to illuminate a 40 m long escape route in compliance with standards* with only 5W. Your din contact will be happy to advise you on an efficient solution for your project.

* 1 lux at the escape route according to EN 1838

Potential savings on your energy costs

Night lighting and emergency lighting in one

Do you have areas where you don’t always need full general lighting but still want light?
For example, at night, in rooms without daylight with a restricted circle of users or in corridors of hospitals, hotels or residential buildings.

With our spots you will have considerable savings potential here! When using the emergency luminaires as night lights, you can save up to 80 % on energy costs. The spots are available in warm white (3000K) or new valley white (4000K) to match your lighting concept.

Ask us what is possible for your project – we will be happy to support you.

Versatile in form

Installing our spots is very easy and can be done within a very short time. Depending on the requirements and matching your building, several variants are available: round or square, recessed or assembled, as well as with different lenses depending on the desired illumination.

The ceiling cut-out remains the same for all 5 beam patterns. In addition, a protective cover with an IK10 impact resistance rating for sports halls is available.

Versatile light distribution

Depending on the lens and design of our spots, you can efficiently illuminate a wide variety of environments – whether it’s an area, a high room or a long corridor. We will be happy to advise you on which spots are best for your project.

Eco spot

Available for illuminating surfaces or escape routes depending on the shape of the lens

 Eco spot


Emergency luminaire for escape route illumination


Emergency luminaire for escape route illumination from 2.5m mounting height


Emergency luminaire for area illumination


Do you have a covered outdoor area or other requirement with an IP65 protection class? For these applications, we also have our spots with IP65 – a special electronics housing as well as the encapsulated circuit board make it possible.

Power spot

The 3 lenses with 1 watt each are available in 2 versions.

 Power spot


Safety light for illumination of anti-panic areas


Low-beam emergency luminaire from 4m installation height

Product comparison

The eco spots in direct comparison to the power spots

eco spot

power spot

Light colour
3000K or 4000K
3000K or 4000K
Protection type
IP40 / IP65
IP40 / IP65
Impact resistance
IK 03 / IK 10*
IK 03 / IK 10*
eco spot AP: Safety luminaire for area illumination,
eco spot SL and SL2: Emergency luminaire for escape route illumination
power spot AP: Safety luminaire for area illumination,
power spot TS: Safety luminaire for high room heights
Nominal capacity illuminant
1W (AP/SL) / 2W (SL2)

*When using the spot protective cover, the luminaire complies with the requirements according to EN 50102 and a stress classification of IK 10.

What other beautifully designed emergency luminaires are available?

Let our solutions inspire you.


The EyE is an almost invisible recessed spotlight with a diameter of only 24mm or 37mm. Despite its small size, it efficiently brightens escape and rescue routes.


The SHAPE is a high-quality outdoor luminaire made of V4A stainless steel with IP65 protection that optimally illuminates the escape route. To match your building even better, it is available in many RAL colours.


Realise a wide variety of applications with the TUBE-264: as a safety luminaire, lighting for the handrail or as an individual solution for your special requirements.

Technical documentation

Have you found the right solution? Here you will find technical data on it.

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