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New headquarters of the company specialising in designer funiture

Kristalia Italy

In 2014, the Friuli based company, founded in 1994 and producing designer goods, decided to contuinue investing in itself. This is how the new company in Prata di Pordenone is born, in harmony with the appearance and the thought that charcterises Kristalia: minimalism, well-being, tidiness, cheerfulness and love of nature.

The “working place” is decisive for Kristalia. For this reason the structure provides for an area dedicated to the offices. One for the production, loading and unloading of goods, but also a recreation zone for sport and entertainment, such as music and food. A large showroom, open for the public, and an area where the focus is on artistic collaboration have also been integrated. The architectural shell reflects the furnishing products created here: simple and austere, as well as the content line, which is also taken up in the choice of solution type of the proposed illumination.

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Minimalism of emergency lighting

Minimalism of emergency lighting is basic in order not to interfere with the entirety of the whole project. For emergency lighting products of the EyE and STRING series are used. The architect appreciated the personal design of the Eye Pro so much, that he decided to use them also for the night illumination and to highlight the simple and harmonious lines of the structure during the night.

Project details

Architect: Agenzia Crea
Principal: Kristalia
Designer: Perito Roberto Zorzi
Installer: Tecnoelettra
Executed standards: UNI EN 1838 – UNI EN 50172
Building type: Workplaces, Operating buildings
Product family: CONCEPT 2, SU NET, EyE


STRING power spot

The STRING power spot emergency luminaire is designed for ceiling mounting and is available in two different light colors, narrow angle and broad-beam.

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Some of the products we used

Lights diversity for every requirement.

Quick mounting & flexible use


“Simply safe” meets the requirement of many operators, while installers demand a product that is “safely simple” and does not allow any installation errors. The CONCEPT 2 is an easy-to-install allrounder luminaire series that meets these requirements and saves time where time is scarce.

Unobtrusive recessed spotlight


The EyE is an almost invisible recessed spotlight that efficiently illuminates escape and rescue routes despite its small size. This means that the emergency lighting disappears almost completely from the ceiling appearance.

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