Radio-based single battery luminaire system


Changes in listed buildings, as well as in complex technical building conditions or in existing cabling, are often accompanied by electro-technical and financial expenditure. With the SC NET CMR (self contained central monitored radio controlled) radio-based emergency lighting system, all luminaires can be installed and monitored without extensive intervention in the building structure.

The SC NET CMR radio-based emergency lighting system is the best solution when limits are reached.

Flexible positioning

Due to the radio-based communication, the luminaires can be placed flexibly in the building. The CMR luminaires are simply supplied from the nearest 230 V general lighting circuit.

IP Sec encryption

Our radio-based luminaires communicate on a standardised frequency band of 868 MHz. The data exchange is secured by IP Sec encryption.

Full Net integration

Each individual luminaire can be controlled by networked switching contacts. Safety-relevant requirements (e.g. fire, power failure, etc.) can be conveniently exchanged between other decentralised SU NET systems and SC NET CMR controllers.

70 %

Our many years of experience with the use of lithium-ion technology in emergency lighting systems has shown that a 70 % gentle charge has a positive effect on the service life of lithium-ion batteries. If the nominal operating time is no longer reached after a few years, the luminaire charges its battery to 100% and signals to you the “full charge mode” on the CMR controller.Your benefit: You can include an upcoming battery replacement in your budget planning 1 year in advance.

When safety has several facets

Options with SC NET CMR

  • Control and monitor our autonomous SC CMR emergency luminaires
  • Display of status and fault messages
  • Savingof events (fire alarm, power failure, etc.)
  • Automatic or manual triggering of function and operating duration tests
  • Blocking settingsfor temporally unused areas
  • Integration of fire alarm system
  • Switchabilityand dimmability of each individual luminaire

With the integrated TCP/IP interfaces, the system can be individually expanded and the advantages of the networkable NET function can be used in the din emergency lighting network.

Active smartphones permanently transmit a signal between 100mW and 2,000 mW. An SC CMR radio luminaire, on the other hand, only transmits every three minutes with a minimum signal strength of 0.2mW to 2mW. This means 1,000 times less radio exposure compared to conventional smartphones. A radio-based emergency lighting system is therefore no cause for concern.

Technical documentation

Have you found the right solution? Here you will find technical data on it.

Keep an eye on your emergency lighting

With the practical mySU app, you know the status of your emergency lighting systems at all times – no matter where you are. If a system status changes, you will be informed automatically.

Would you also like emergency lighting updates on the go for your radio-based SC NET CMR Controller? Discover the benefits of our mySU App.

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