Latest emergency lighting in a medieval setting

Heinfels castle

The medieval castle of Heinfels was built back in the 13th century . The building was extensively restored from 2016 to 2020. Particular care was taken to ensure that the new elements fitted in with the existing architecture.

The castle was opened to the public with the reconstruction. Most of the building is used as a museum and there is also a restaurant and hotel inside. With an indoor and outdoor area of 1000 m², the theme of the museum is the history of Heinfels Castle. Our high-quality STRING 2 luminaires with black frames and wire suspension that match the overall appearance accompany you on your tour and ensure your safety.

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Energy efficiency through multiple use

In addition to aesthetics, attention was paid to the savings potential: the handrail and safety lighting also serve as general lighting. This is made possible by our special scene switching, which saved the cost of additional lighting. For example, our EyE ceiling spots were inserted into a black light track and thus the room no longer needs any other general lighting.

Project details

Architect: Architekt DI Mitterberger Gerhard ZT GmbH
Principal: A. Loacker Tourismus GmbH (, Tel.: +43 4842 60600)
Designer: Elektro Aichner GmbH und Expert Elektro Ortner GmbH
Installer: Elektro Aichner GmbH und Expert Elektro Ortner GmbH
Building type: Sales premises, exhibition premises
Product family: EyE, FLAP, Spots, TUBE-264, STRING-Series

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Some of the products we used

Lights diversity for every requirement.



More light. More efficiency. More STRING.In addition to brilliantly uniform illumination, the innovative lens technology of the supplementary emergency luminaire also enables asymmetrical light distribution. Combined with LEDs of the latest generation, escape routes can be illuminated more efficiently and uniformly than ever before with ...

Unobtrusive recessed spotlight


The EyE is an almost invisible recessed spotlight that efficiently illuminates escape and rescue routes despite its small size. This means that the emergency lighting disappears almost completely from the ceiling appearance.

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