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Art & Culinary delights in a safe ambience

Hotel & Restaurant zumOXN

In the middle of the idyllic town of Laufen, in the so-called Rupertiwinkel, lies the Hotel & Restaurant zumOXN. Surrounded by a breathtaking backdrop of mountains and lakes, in close proximity to the Austrian border of Oberndorf, the hospitable art hotel delights with a special ambience and a variety of cultural and culinary benefits. The combination of culinary as well as regional highlights, feel-good ambience and extensive art offers make the hotel a special experience for all guests.

True to the motto “Simply safe – safely simple“, the easy-to-install CONCEPT 2 all-round luminaire integrates seamlessly into the minimalist architecture. The luminaire series thus finds an optimal area of application especially in the catering and hotel sector, because it saves time where time is scarce anyway. The relaxed ambience is rounded off by several STRING 2 eco spots that provide a pleasant illumination.

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Relaxed with safety in the outdoor area

Outside the building, sufficient safety and optimal illumination are also provided. In the outdoor wellness area with its own natural bathing pond, the CONCEPT 2 in IP65 indicates the escape route. In addition, the architecturally appealing SHAPE and POLLER emergency luminaires provide efficient illumination all the way to the safe area.

Project details

Principal: zumOxn GmbH
Designer: Morokutti & Jann GmbH
Installer: Elektro Markl Anlagentechnik GmbH
Building type: Accommodation facilities / student dormitories, Restaurants
Product family: CONCEPT 2, EyE, Spots, POLLER, SHAPE

Some of the products we used

Lights diversity for every requirement.

Quick mounting & flexible use


“Simply safe” meets the requirement of many operators, while installers demand a product that is “safely simple” and does not allow any installation errors. The CONCEPT 2 is an easy-to-install allrounder luminaire series that meets these requirements and saves time where time is scarce.

Several illumination variants


With our spot emergency luminaires, the light is where you need it: whether longitudinal escape route illumination or wide-area anti-panic illumination. Of course, the portfolio with IP65 is also available for outdoor use. Discover how you can use our spots.

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