Vienna State Opera

Motel One Vienna State Opera

The Motel One near the Vienna State Opera was renovated with the collaboration of the national heritage agency and opened its doors in March 2015.

The design Hotel in the art nouveau house is clearly positioned as a Low-Budget-provider with affordable rooms, without compromising on the quality of the rooms or safety. Thanks to the lighting strength of the LED-lights of the STRING luminaire range and the safety light STRING Power Spot we found a very elegant solution for all public areas.

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Crystal clear solutions

What makes STRING luminaire range special is the circumferential, crystal clear frame of the emergency lights that are used in different versions in Motel One (ceiling mounting, wall mounting, light panels with integrated safety lights). The corridor lighting of the Hotel could be realized with a solution of din-Sicherheitstechnik by using safety lighting.

Project details

Principal: Motel One GmbH
Designer: Technisches Büro Ing. Bernhard Hammer GmbH
Installer: Elektro SAW Aspang
Executed standards: ÖVE/ÖNORM E 8002, ÖNORM EN 1838, ASTV
Building type: Accommodation facilities / student dormitories
Product family: Spots

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Some of the products we used

Lights diversity for every requirement.

Several illumination variants


With our spot emergency luminaires, the light is where you need it: whether longitudinal escape route illumination or wide-area anti-panic illumination. Of course, the portfolio with IP65 is also available for outdoor use. Discover how you can use our spots.

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