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University of the future based on the “green-building-concept“

Vienna University of Economic Sciences

Around 11.000 emergency luminaires speak for themselves – the campus of the Vienna University of Economic Sciences ranks among one of the biggest projects of din-Sicherheitstechnik. We were pleased to be able to realize ideas of six international architects with our products in the field of emergeny and safety lighting

140.000 square meters of floor space required a variety of products and versions: sophisticated safety lighting in the floor, on the ceiling, adapted as inconspicuously as possible to the architectural room design with special colours.

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Interruption free power supply

Another feature of this Major project is that the emergency lighting systems are supplied with uninterruptable battery units.

The goal was not only to observe the legal requirements, but to be oriented towards “best practice”- experiences. The Vienna University of Economic Sciences wants to play a leading part in every respect.
We as the din-Sicherheitstechnik company were able to contribute to this.

Project details

Architect: Zaha Hadid Architects, BUSarchitektur ZT GmbH,...
Principal: Projektgesellschaft Wirtschaftsuniversität Wien GmbH und BIG Bundesimmobiliengesellschaft mbH
Designer: ARGE BUSarchitektur ZT GmbH und Vasko + Partner Ing.
Installer: Elektro & Electronic Landsteiner GmbH
Building type: Educational institutions, Garages, covered parking spaces and parking decks
Product family: CONCEPT 2, BASIC 2, EyE, Spots, STRING-Series

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Some of the products we used

Lights diversity for every requirement.

Unobtrusive recessed spotlight


The EyE is an almost invisible recessed spotlight that efficiently illuminates escape and rescue routes despite its small size. This means that the emergency lighting disappears almost completely from the ceiling appearance.

Our functional luminaire series


With our functional luminaire portfolio of the BASIC 2 series, your project can be implemented easily and flexibly. The luminaire series is available for all our emergency lighting systems and with our usual 50,000 h/ 5,7 year din full warranty .

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