Change directions of escape routes with FSU

Changeable direction indications

In order to be able to guarantee personal protection even under changed conditions, the alternative escape routes must be clearly visible. With a changed direction indication, escape routes that are currently no longer active can be marked.

If there have to be alternative escape routes

Imagine… In a multi-purpose building, all rooms are used differently during normal operation – a large crowd is in the building. All escape routes are available.

In the evening, fewer people are in the building and the side entrances are impassable. The arrows of the rescue signs only point in the direction of the main entrance, all other directions are blocked.

Scenario during normal operation Scenario during normal operation
Scenario during evenings Scenario during evenings

Projects consist of many details.

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FSU "on board"

With the decentralised SU NET group battery system, you are perfectly equipped, without additional effort, to switch between individual escape route scenarios. Discover the other benefits of a decentralised power supply for your project.


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