Architectural emergency luminaire


For many architects, emergency lighting is not one of their favourite subjects. And they let us know this fairly frequently. We are clear about one thing: emergency lighting can be a necessary ‘evil’ from an architectural viewpoint. However, it doesn’t have to be.

The STRING ARC escape route sign can be integrated flush and framelessly into the wall. Its reserved and harmonious design makes it a persuasive option – a real master of blending discreetly into the existing architectural background.

Emergency lighting is a necessary evil; it is very important from a safety perspective. I’m excited by the minimalism of the STRING ARC escape route sign. It follows the ethos, “as little as possible – as much a necessary”.

Philip O., Architect DI

Discreetly beautiful - noticeably visible

No visible electronics housing. No visible lighting elements. Only one evenly illuminated pictogram.

 Discreetly beautiful - noticeably visible


Supply lines are hidden in the frameless housing or in the ceiling.

A perfect fit

Prefabricated drywall elements or exposed concrete pouring boxes made of stainless steel guarantee a clean appearance.


The standard integrated dimming function is available for almost all variants.


Invisible emergency lighting

As little as possible - as much as necessary.


STRING ARC escape route sign

Invisible fastening and installation variants blend harmoniously into the architectural concept.


EyE safety luminaire

No larger than a thimble, it disappears almost completely from the ceiling appearance.


TUBE-264 safety luminaire

It can be integrated into handrails, stairs, walls or ceilings and is therefore flexible in use.

Minimum size - maximum aesthetics

The STRING ARC luminaire series consists of emergency signs of individual sizes - the smallest measures only approx. 12 x 6 cm.

 Minimum size - maximum aesthetics

Size 1

Recognition distance 12m

Size 2

Recognition distance 22m

Size 3

Recognition distance 32m

Aesthetics thought through to the end

Customise the edging of our STRING ARC escape signs to suit your requirements. Do you want to deliberately set accents with gold, black or other colours, or do you prefer a discreet border to match the wall or ceiling colour?

Our specialists will be happy to inform you about your options and then implement them for you.

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