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Schlins visionLAB

The office building in Schlins in Vorarlberg is a building “in” which one can not only work, but “with” which one can work. In addition to the offices, it also contains a spacious reception area for visitors to the building, and the building is also used as an exhibition and event space. In the specially designed room simulation area, emergency lighting can be experienced “live”.

In addition to integrating the building as well as possible into its surroundings, the architectural firm of Fink-Thurnher paid great attention to sustainable and regional construction methods: The building has its own photovoltaic system, an e-charging station and the contractors were from the region and worked with materials from the area.

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More than "just" emergency lighting

In this architecturally sophisticated building, the emergency lighting must also be cohesive. Our TUBE luminaires were installed in the handrail as safety lighting and blend in perfectly with our high-quality STRING ARC luminaire series . In the event area, frameless escape signs with wire suspension are used, merging with the room and integrating perfectly into the modern timber construction.

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Some of the products we used

Lights diversity for every requirement.

Decentralised group battery system 24 V LPS


The Supply Unit with NET functionality is a compact and decentralised supply unit (LPS = Low Power System) that powers and monitors all luminaires by fire section and that is checked on a regular basis for compliance with legislative requirements.Reduce your set-up costs, your energy consumption and increase the general safety level with ...

Architectural emergency luminaire


For many architects, emergency lighting is not one of their favourite subjects. And they let us know this fairly frequently. We are clear about one thing: emergency lighting can be a necessary ‘evil’ from an architectural viewpoint. However, it doesn’t have to be.The STRING ARC escape route sign can be integrated flush and framelessly into the wall. Its reserved and harmonious ...

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