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On the pulse of the time

Heinfels community centre

The Heinfels community centre, built in the 1970s, was renovated and extended with a modern extension . Attention was paid to a modern and functional implementation with mainly local companies being commissioned. The building complex has several floors, which not only house the municipal office. It offers plenty of space for different uses: There is also space for apartments, a kindergarten, a library and an event hall here.

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Efficient use of outdoor lighting

A special feature of the building in Heinfels is the implementation of the exterior lighting using our TUBE series. This was integrated into the handrail here and also serves as general lighting. This increases safety and at the same time enables multiple use of the emergency lighting.

Project details

Architect: DDI Johannes Stallbaumer
Principal: Gemeinde Heinfels
Installer: Günter Aichner
Building type: Workplaces
Product family: SU NET, Spots, TUBE-264, SHAPE

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Some of the products we used

Lights diversity for every requirement.

Several illumination variants


With our spot emergency luminaires, the light is where you need it: whether longitudinal escape route illumination or wide-area anti-panic illumination. Of course, the portfolio with IP65 is also available for outdoor use. Discover how you can use our spots.

Emergency luminaire as a multifunctional talent


With the wide range of variants of the TUBE-264, almost all possible applications can be realised. Whether as an emergency luminaire, lighting for handrails or as an individual solution for your special requirements – with the various installation variants of the TUBE-264, there are no limits to your projects.

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