Italian dishes on highest level

Restaurant Il Melograno

The luxury restaurant, which has been managed in Vienna since the 6th generation, does not only spark with unique dishes, but also with high quality, Italian furnishing. The extraordinary atmosphere of the restaurant emphasizes the exclusivity of the Italian cuisine and helps the guests are feeling totally at ease.

Due to the high demands on architecture and design, the restaurant has a very particular flair: the furnishing features high quality materials and Italian objects of art. In a place where so much special attention is payed to design, also emergency and safety lighting has to be adapted accordingly.

Consequently, it was the goal of the architects and the operator to take the emergency and safety lighting from the spotlight of the room concept, by respecting at the same time the norm.

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Almost invisible

The STRING ARC escape sign panel with a viewing distance of 12m as ceiling mounting fits the small rooms of the restaurant. The luminaire range STRING ARC allows an almost invisible integration into the room and full freedom for the interior design.

Project details

Architect: Rooms Atelier und gerner°gerner Plus
Designer: XAL GmbH
Installer: Klenk & Meder GmbH
Building type: Restaurants
Product family: STRING ARC, SU NET, Ex luminaires, Spots

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Lights diversity for every requirement.

Emergency lighting with ATEX certification

Ex luminaires

Highest safety precautions and 100% reliability of the products are a must in explosive environments. Our luminaires are certified by accredited bodies.

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Architectural emergency luminaire


For many architects, emergency lighting is not one of their favourite subjects. And they let us know this fairly frequently. We are clear about one thing: emergency lighting can be a necessary ‘evil’ from an architectural viewpoint. However, it doesn’t have to be.The STRING ARC escape route sign can be integrated flush and framelessly into the wall. Its reserved and harmonious ...

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