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Emergency lighting has never been so conspicuous

STS Fertigteile

The company STS Fertigteile GmbH is located in Oberwang in Upper Austria and since 2001 has been the only company in Austria to focus on the production and further development of stairs made of reinforced concrete. The staircase in our Salzburg branch was also supplied by STS. In order to implement special parts and shapes, they obtain prefabricated concrete parts from the 3D printer of the company Uniqum, which have a lower CO2 consumption in the production process.

Uniqum provided many furnishings for the STS company building: for the reception area, the waiting area, the cloakroom, the conference table, bar tables and – our highlight – the special print of a green emergency light man around our STRING 2 rescue signs.
We are proud to provide the emergency lighting in this special project!

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Escape sign and emergency luminaire in one

The STRING 2 duo combines an escape sign and emergency luminaire in one product. The special print of the emergency luminaire all around makes it particularly eye-catching in the stairwell of the company building. Our STRING 2 eco spots with IP65 protection are installed outdoors and the discreet EyE-90 emergency lighting provides the necessary illumination indoors.

Project details

Principal: STS Fertigteile GmbH
Installer: Elektro Schweighofer GmbH
Emergency lighting man as 3D concrete print: uniQum GmbH
Building type: Workplaces
Product family: EyE, STRING-Series, Service & maintenance, Spots, SU NET

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Some of the products we used

Lights diversity for every requirement.

Availability when it matters

Service & maintenance

We accompany you throughout the entire life cycle of your emergency lighting system. This optimises the service life of your emergency lighting system and reduces your expenditure.  Because our goal is your peace of mind. Therefore, we are happy to support you with your operator duties relevant to emergency ...

Several illumination variants


With our spot emergency luminaires, the light is where you need it: whether longitudinal escape route illumination or wide-area anti-panic illumination. Of course, the portfolio with IP65 is also available for outdoor use. Discover how you can use our spots.

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