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Many requirements, one emergency lighting system

Thermal spa Bad Waltersdorf

With the reopening after the revitalization (30th anniversary) in July 2015, the well-known spa in Styria has not only grown in terms of area, but also the offer of the spa.

With the numerous expansions of the thermal bath and the construction of the Quellenhotel demands have also increased regarding emergency lighting: it became more and more important to have a central overview over all emergency lighting systems and receive information about malfunctions of the system as quickly and comfortably as possible. With this background a central visualisation of din-Sicherheitstechnik was realized, which localises and describes malfunctions precisely. Emergency and safety lighting is also used in the technical room as a passageway light and therefore achieved an additional benefit of the emergency light central.

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Together through the life cycle

In accordance with the legal requirements of the ÖVE/ÖNORM E 8002 the unit is controlled and maintained annually by din-Sicherheitstechnik together with the executive electrician Licht Loidl Ges.m.b.H.

Project details

Architect: KREINERarchitektur ZT GmbH
Principal: Heiltherme Bad Waltersdorf GmbH & Co. KG
Designer: Ing. Josef Haidinger
Installer: Licht Loidl Ges.m.b.H. Lafnitz
Executed standards: ÖVE/ÖNORM E 8002, ÖNORM EN 1838, ASTV
Building type: Accommodation facilities / student dormitories, Healthcare
Product family: STRING ARC, CONCEPT 2, SU NET, BASIC 2, Spots

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Some of the products we used

Lights diversity for every requirement.

Decentralised group battery system 24 V LPS


The Supply Unit with NET functionality is a compact and decentralised supply unit (LPS = Low Power System) that powers and monitors all luminaires by fire section and that is checked on a regular basis for compliance with legislative requirements.Reduce your set-up costs, your energy consumption and increase the general safety level with ...

Architectural emergency luminaire


For many architects, emergency lighting is not one of their favourite subjects. And they let us know this fairly frequently. We are clear about one thing: emergency lighting can be a necessary ‘evil’ from an architectural viewpoint. However, it doesn’t have to be.The STRING ARC escape route sign can be integrated flush and framelessly into the wall. Its reserved and harmonious ...

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