Audible signals increase the effectiveness of optical escape route systems

FSU Audio

Due to the increasing complexity of buildings and the multitude of possible emergency scenarios, it is clear that there must be a technical solution that guarantees the protection goal even under these conditions. The FSU Audio system is a technically simple, selective support to increase safety for your escape route guidance system.

Freely definable, object-related loudspeaker announcements provide additional audible instructions for those fleeing.

More senses

The additional audible instructions increase the effectiveness of visual escape route systems to 87 %. The FSU Audio system is a technically simple solution that can be integrated without additional effort to increase safety for your escape route guidance system.

FSU Audio is also used to announce alternative escape routes for mobility and visually impaired persons.

The higher effectiveness of a 2-senses system has been scientifically proven. In a series of experimental trials, the University of Greenwich tested the behaviour of people in an emergency situation in an unknown building. The EU project tested a new type of dynamic system. The previously static rescue sign was now joined by a dynamic arrow that flashed as soon as the alarm was triggered. 77 % of the people could see the sign and 100 % of them followed it to the right exit. The research found that additional voice-assisted emergency exit signage increased effectiveness to 87 %.

Source: Fire Safety Journal 91 (2017)

Evacuation of impaired persons

Various legal bases demand equality for persons with disabilities and accordingly that they are also not discriminated against in escape routes. Visual information must also be provided audibly.

Technical documentation

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The 2nd sense as a sensory accessibility

Why is an alternative perception of information so important?

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FSU "on board"

With the decentralised SU NET group battery system, you are perfectly equipped, without additional effort, to switch between individual escape route scenarios. Discover the other benefits of a decentralised power supply for your project.


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