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OMICRON Campus, Klaus

With the new OMICRON Campus, a building for 200 people has been created, that inspires and offers room for innovations. At the turn of the year 2014/ 2015, the first teams moved into their work places in the new building.

Numerous technical features contribute to an optimal work environment in the new building. In the offices and meeting rooms for example these include individually adjustable lighting conditions (color and intensity can be controlled), an optimized shading and an effective air conditioning. The size of the offices can be flexibly adapted to the needs of the teams.  Customers also benefit from the new possibilities, wich provide a fast and direct support, practical training and an effective development process.

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At a glance

The company din-Sicherheitstechnik supplied the emergency and safety lighting already in the existing building and was now connected to the older part of the building in the new office block. Now the site is supplied with 16 emergency lighting devices in the case of a power failure. The devices were integrated in the existing building control system using specially developed visualisation software, so that OMICRON’s house-technicians have an overview of all technical systems and their functionality from one single location.

Project details

Architect: Dietrich Untertrifaller Architekten, Anna Heringer, Martin Rauch, Gregor Eichinger, Border Architecture
Principal: OMICRON
Designer: Hecht Licht- und Elektroplanung
Installer: schaber Elektro GesmbH & Co KG
Executed standard: ÖVE-ÖNORM E 8002, ÖNORM EN 1838
Building type: Workplaces
Product family: STRING ARC, CONCEPT 2, SU NET, BASIC 2, EyE, STRING-Series

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Some of the products we used

Lights diversity for every requirement.



More light. More efficiency. More STRING.In addition to brilliantly uniform illumination, the innovative lens technology of the supplementary emergency luminaire also enables asymmetrical light distribution. Combined with LEDs of the latest generation, escape routes can be illuminated more efficiently and uniformly than ever before with ...

Our functional luminaire series


With our functional luminaire portfolio of the BASIC 2 series, your project can be implemented easily and flexibly. The luminaire series is available for all our emergency lighting systems and with our usual 50,000 h/ 5,7 year din full warranty .

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