Only visible in an emergency

St. Peter's monastery

St. Peter’s monastery in the heart of Salzburg is the oldest existing monastery in the German-speaking world and of the Austrian Benedictine monks. In 2018/19 the collegiate church was renovated. In the process, emergency lighting was also redesigned in order to be prepared for different scenarios. When switched off, the INvisible luminaires integrate perfectly into the building and are almost invisible. They are only switched on when necessary and then show the escape route.

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Different uses – different requirements

The monastery accommodates three different scenarios, each requiring different safety concepts.
According to the standard, emergency lighting is not necessary for a mass in everyday church use, nor is it desired by the monastery. The rescue signs are thus switched off. The church is also open for tourists to visit. In this scenario, only the rescue signs for the public exits are switched on. Furthermore, commercial events such as concerts also take place in the church. In this 3rd scenario, additional means of escape are prescribed due to the large crowd. An additional escape route leads out of the church here via the sacristy and the cloister. This escape route is barred in the other scenarios, and may therefore only be displayed in an emergency at large events.

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Some of the products we used

Lights diversity for every requirement.

Quick mounting & flexible use


“Simply safe” meets the requirement of many operators, while installers demand a product that is “safely simple” and does not allow any installation errors. The CONCEPT 2 is an easy-to-install allrounder luminaire series that meets these requirements and saves time where time is scarce.

Emergency luminaire as a multifunctional talent


With the wide range of variants of the TUBE-264, almost all possible applications can be realised. Whether as an emergency luminaire, lighting for handrails or as an individual solution for your special requirements – with the various installation variants of the TUBE-264, there are no limits to your projects.

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